Italian Handmade

We joined forces with a 2nd generation orthopaedic shoemaker, designers and Italy's finest craftsmen. The input we received from a focus group of critical women allowed us to fully understand and implement what they would like from a high heel!


Due to our unique construction we divide the pressure on your feet in a different manner than other high heels. With LINJA it is more equally divided over your whole feet and less on just the ball of your feet. 
As a result you feel that our heels are less high than they actually are! It feels a couple of centimeters lower than what you see on your feet or what you see in the mirror. 

Unique Fit

The shape of the heel is bent inwards and centered under the middle of the heel for optimal support.

The specialized toe shape allows for strong toe support and room for the toes to fit comfortably. The leather sole is milled out under the ball of the foot with anti-slip material, adding grip and extra cushioning.


Combine this with a super soft foot pad due to special materials we use for our insoles and this makes it even possible to walk a half marathon on a pair of LINJAs!


Sustainable fashion

LINJAs are unique and therefore it is in line with our values that we are walking along a different path in the fashion industry as well.

We never have sales and we only produce according to demand. We only sell LINJA online.

We create the highest quality and true luxury for a fair price. Not only for you and all of our clients, but we pay a fair price to our Italian craftsmen and all our other partners as well.