By Women, For Women

A store designed with your needs in mind. With a focus on high service delivered in an inspirational and contemporary setting. This unique store is a home to Dutch brands with all smartly created products for women, designed by women.
House of Artisans

Artisans in their own right, each brand carefully created and innovated to make the experience of their product and the store a delight to visit. All of the brands within House of Artisans are exclusive, however attainable due to their innovations.

Each brand is Dutch Design, innovative, high quality, sustainable and several brands offer a custom made or even tailor made product. Something you have to experience yourself!

Timeless classic

What makes LINJA so special? Well, besides the exceptional comfort we are special due to the fact that we never have sales. LINJA is a timeless classic and with every different type of colour or material, the heels have a different appearance.

We have a core collection of 4 different types of black leather LINJAs and all the other colours are custom made. Therefore we don't have any overproduction and this makes us more sustainable. 

In addition, we offer the finest quality for an attainable price, because we don't sell LINJA via any other retail stores and/or websites. Thus we cut out the retail margin. We don't keep any inventory in the store, because it is all about the experience and for you to see and feel the difference of a pair of LINJAs. We will ship your order to you the next working day or they will be custom made for you!

Design your own LINJAs
Having our own store, we are able to offer you the ultimate high heel: you can design your own LINJAs!

This option is only available in our store. Step into the world of LINJA and enjoy this unique fitting and designing experience.  
Select a colour out of 125 options
so your LINJAs will perfectly match with a new outfit for a special occasion. Or it is your favourite colour that you couldn't find anywhere else before.

Combine this with the 19 different sizes (starting at size 34 up to size 43, and all half sizes in between) and 2 heel heights we have available so you will have the perfect fit in your favourite colour!


Of course we have an amazing collection online available as well.

Imagine to have the ultimate pair of heels in your favourite colour!